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polymers for a better future 

Who we are?

We formulate polymers for a better future

Based in Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. We are one of the leading manufacturers of aqueous polymers, serving large and growing markets. Exploring sophisticated facility, managed by our professional team of industry leading experts.


Vision, Mission & Values

To be a leader of polymers

Our Vision

To be a market leader and main player of polymers emulsion by maintaining, permanently, a vision

based on:

  • Providing the highest quality.

  • Exploring the latest technologies.

  • Believing that research, development,   innovation is our strengths and the key  of JIFTEX Polymers success.

Our Mission

Our chemistry specialized in raw material for paint & coatings, construction (sealants, waterproof, cementitious products…), Adhesives industries, besides, we provide the best solutions for the carpet, packaging and various other industries. Gives to our customers the proprieties they require to last longer is our mission.

Our Values

We at JIFTEX Polymers, to achieve our mission and concretize our vision, always have been guided by values:

1. Maintaining and developing a dynamic integral Quality, Safety and environment system QSE, this is JIFTEX Culture:

• Optimize our customer’s satisfaction by providing excellent quality of products and services.

• Research & Development compatible with      environment: Eco products.

• Our attitude to safety “Zero Risk is possible” mindset.


2. We care for well-being of our employees: JIFTEX main resources.


3. We adopt the highest standards of business ethics in all operations.


JIFTEX quality management  has won the respect of the international polymer industry and offers complete peace of mind to customers. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality results while adhering to our social responsibility.

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Through trusted knowledge, science and experience we innovate and produce top quality polymer.




We are a specialty chemical company that creates chemistry that appeals to people’s hearts and minds. Chemistry that triggers our senses while improving our environmental footprint. So there’s a future for our children and grandchildren. Responsible chemistry that meets tomorrow’s needs, based on imagining a better future, and then making it happen by supplying sustainable products, be a unique market model and environmentally responsible chemistry.


Our business purpose model triggered by Knowledge, science, experience and forced by quality. Such fundamental principles have always been purposely guiding JIFTEX humanistic and scientific spirit. Furthermore, other disciplines made our culture integrated with our unique purpose model 


We will pursue advanced technologies & manufacturing capabilities, powered by science and knowledge to contribute to community by providing outstanding products quality and service 


Social Responsibility

We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.

We firmly believe that our role in developing the polymer industry is guided by our social responsibility of communities we are serving. JIFTEX take initiatives to enhance performance, hone the skills and talents of our staff, and improve the quality of life wherever we operate our business. We keep an eye to the environment by controlling our waste and ensure that our facilities are guided by good manufacturing practices 

Our commitment to uncompromising ethics, safety and wellbeing, and sustainability



Connecting elements into molecules, shaping theConnecting elements into molecules, shaping the

future industry experience

JIFTEX has one of the best levels of productivity. At the company’s plant, material processing, polymer making and finishing operations are all part of a continuous, computer-controlled process. Highly trained personnel in fully automated control production from beginning to end, ensuring that polymers always manufactured in line with strict quality standards.


Production capacity 

Modern, purpose-built and fully integrated plant in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia includes Reactors & Blenders, Continuous investment has built the company’s overall capacity of more than 36,000 MT Per Annum

Storage capacity

In JIFTEX, we have Bulk Storage Tanks’ of Liquid Monomer(s) & Finished Goods with a capacity of more than 200 MT, while our warehouse facilities are equipped with Storage Capacity of more than 2,500 MT

Delivery Mode

We operate safe transfers through 3 delivery modes 

 Bulk Road Tankers = 23-25 MT/Tanker

IBC Tanks = 1,000 KG/IBC 

Open Top Steel Drums = 200 KG/Drum


Product & solutions

Products and solutions JIFTEX develops and manufactures a wide range of specialist emulsion polymers and adhesives for key industries.

Solutions for Packing Industry

Solutions for Paint & Coating Industry

Solutions for Construction Industry

Solutions for Adhesive Industry

Solutions for Carpet Industry


Solutions for Paint & Coating Industry

Styrene Acrylic Emulsion

VAM Acrylic Emulsion

VAM VEOVA Emulsion

Pure Acrylic Emulsion

VAM VEOVA Acrylic Emulsion  

Solutions  for Construction Industry 

(Acrylic sealant, HVAC coating, cementitious products 2 K…)

Styrene Acrylic Emulsion


Solutions for Adhesive industry

PVA Based

Acrylic Based

Solutions for

Carpet Industry


Acrylic Based LATEX


Solutions for Packing Industry

PVA Based Adhesive for Paper-Tube, Paper-Can & Paper to Paper bonding application.


Bonding Agent for Paper Bag, Paper to Can and also can be used as wood adhesives.


Adhesive for the manufacture of BOPP Tapes.

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“Customers CARE if the Quality is FAIR”


JIFTEX People 


One Team, One Target

Our dynamics people are our biggest assets, they bring diverse backgrounds, expertise, and a drive to create essential innovations that make business and communities better. In JIFTEX we have open mind approach for innovative ideas. Our dynamic and dedicated team of specialists put their expertise and ideas to work every day to meet even our customers’ most demanding challenges and deliver valuable solutions to develop new products and to enhance the performance of existing products.


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